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Expert Talk Series “Incidence of Salmonella in free ranging lizards of Southern California” with Dr. Jeffery Burkhardt | September 17, 2015

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Salmonella is a well known pathogenic bacterium, with approximately one million cases of human infection recorded annually. In recent decades, health workers have begun to document an increase in the incidence of human Salmonella illnesses, partly as a result of contact between humans and their pets. Considerable study has been devoted to investigations of the presence of Salmonella in the gut of captive reptiles, however limited information has been available on free ranging, or wild populations. Dr. Burkhart has investigated the incidence of Salmonella from cloacal samples drawn from various species of lizards found in Southern California. What he found was that both male and female adult fence lizards, the most common local lizard tested positive for the presence Salmonella. Also, he found that lizards that were Salmonella carriers tended to be significantly larger than animals that tested negative. Join us in hearing about what Dr. Burkhart’s research has shown about incidence of this common pathogen in Southern California lizards.
Speaker Biography
Dr. Jeff Burkhart received his Ph.D. from Arizona State University and is currently a Fletcher Jones Professor of Biology at the University of La Verne. His major training and interests are in the areas of ecology, zoology, and evolution. At La Verne he teaches a wide variety of biology and ecology courses as well as tropical biology field courses in which he has lead field trips to Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Vietnam, Borneo and Kenya.
Date & Time
September 17, 2015
5:00pm – 6:30pm
Bolsa Chica Conservancy
Interpretive Center
3842 Warner Ave.
Huntington Beach
(additional parking will be available at the HH Yacht Club, 3821 Warner Ave.)
$5.00 (per person)
Reservations must be made in advance, spots are limited.
rebecca@bolsachica.org or 714-846-1114
For more information please contact Rebecca Fent at rebecca@bolsachica.org

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