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ExperTalk Series “Not-So-Empty Nests: Construction, Function, and Human Influences on Western Bluebird Nests” with Bill Hoese | May 5, 2016

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Bird nests insulate and protect developing eggs and growing chicks. Western bluebirds are secondary cavity nesters that use abandoned cavities and readily nest in boxes placed in the habitat. Dr. Hoese and his students have been collaborating with the Southern California Bluebird Club to investigate the composition and insulation properties of western bluebirds in Orange County. They have been asking some of the following questions: Do bluebirds build nests differently early versus later in the breeding season? Why are the nests that some birds build so trashy? What types of manmade debris are used in bluebird nests and how are they used? Preliminary answers and ideas about these questions will be the focus of this discussion.


Speaker Biography

Bill Hoese received his Ph.D in Zoology from Duke University. Currently he is a biological science professor at CSU Fullerton who helps lead the Biology Undergraduate Research Scholars Training program to provide students with field research experience. He also co-directs the NSF-funded Southern California Ecosystems Research Program. Throughout his years on the CSU Fullerton faculty he as connected with nearly 3,000 students and prepared them for future careers in ecology and environmental biology.


Date & Time

May 5, 2016

4:30pm – 6:00pm



Bolsa Chica Conservancy

Interpretive Center

3842 Warner Ave.

Huntington Beach

(Additional parking will be available at the HH Yach Club 3821 Warner Ave.)



$5.00 (per person)



Reservations must be made in advance as spots are limited.

jei@bolsachica.org or 714-846-1114


For more information please contact Jei Florentino at jei@bolsachica.org.

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