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ExperTalk Series: “Sharks, the Myth of the Monster”

Posted on: Jun 26, 2017 / Events-News / 0 COMMENTS

The shark, the myth, the legend. Sharks have existed for millions of years and are generally misunderstood and demonized. For many years they have been dwindling in numbers; some have been pushed to near extinction, in part due to human hostility, illegal fishing and hunting for fins and teeth. People think sharks are vicious creatures, overlooking the fact that we have invaded their waters. Researchers are utilizing tagging and satellite technology to better understand these amazing, yet misconceived ocean animals to piece together their unknown behavior and migratory patterns. Many have been spotted off California’s coast, shutting down beaches and raising public concerns. To learn more about these animals join the Conservancy and Mr. Jim Serpa as he sheds the light on these widely misunderstood creatures.

Jim Serpa obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State University where he majored in Environmental Geography and minored in Zoology. He worked for State Parks for 25 years, kicking off his career as a Ranger at Torrey Pines Reserve and later a Supervising Ranger at Doheny State Beach. He was a member of the State Parks Scuba Dive team for 20 years and instructed a Marine Biology class for State Divers, as well as, summer school for 6th graders for Irvine Unified School District. Throughout his career, he created many events focused on raising awareness for the local marine environment. Since 1970, his diving and passion for marine life drove him to many countries and all over the California coast where he swam and became fascinated with sharks. After he retired in 2013, he continued to study marine life, concentrating on sharks. He now shares his passion for these misunderstood creatures and lectures all over California.

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