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Private Tours

Private Tours

Get to know the wetlands by scheduling a private tour!  Visitors get to experience the wetlands first hand during a guided nature hike and tour of our interpretive center.  Coyotes, reptiles, and birds, oh my!   There is always something exciting on our trails, and participants will get to see some of the diverse wildlife living at Bolsa Chica while learning about wetlands and their importance worldwide.  Issues specific to Bolsa Chica are covered.  Topics include, but are not limited to, wetland ecology, plants and animals, adaptations, watersheds, and importance of wetland habitats for migration and flyways, flood control, pollution control, and endangered species.

Looking to help restore some of Bolsa Chica's natural habitats? Any visit can be coupled with a service component, as part of our Restoration Program. This activity may include: removal of invasive plant species, installation of native plant species, and/or trash removal from the Reserve. Service projects can last up to one hour.


To schedule a tour, contact Whitney Thompson at 714-846-1114 or whitney@bolsachica.org


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