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Science-Based Education Programs for Scouts

Explore Human and Wildlife Connections at Bolsa Chica!


The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is an excellent place for scouts to get outdoors, and experience wetland science and history first hand! The Bolsa Chica Conservancy offers a full spectrum of educational opportunities and activities to engage scouts of all age groups. Our programs align with scouting stands and patch requirements and are tailored to suit the age, grade and maturity level of our participants. We cover all aspects of wetland ecology, watershed protection, biology and history, with an emphasis on conservation and restoration. Through our It’s All Connected programs, we provide scouts with an understanding of the importance of the unique wetland habitat as well as the role it plays within the larger water cycle. We encourage our learners to consider the role they play in maintaining the health of our watersheds, wetlands, and oceans, and how ultimately, It’s All Connected!

Program Activities:

Guided Hike of the Wetlands - All Ages

Suggested Donation:
$5.00 per scout  (includes 2 chaperones, additional chaperones are $5 each)
Description: Explore the many wonders of the wetlands!  Visitors get to experience the wetlands first hand during a guided nature hike and tour of our interpretive center.  Coyotes, reptiles, and birds, oh my!   There is always something exciting on our trails, and participants will get to see some of the diverse wildlife living at Bolsa Chica while learning about wetlands and their importance worldwide.  Issues specific to Bolsa Chica are covered.  Topics include, but are not limited to, wetland ecology, plants and animals, adaptations, watersheds, and importance of wetland habitats for migration and flyways, California endemic species, abiotic and biotic factors, flood control, pollution control, and endangered species.
Total Time: Varies from 1-2 hours

Craft Activities

Activities listed below will complement any of our program activities and help to reinforce concepts discussed during the visit. Please note: suggested donations listed are flat fees, we do not apply an hourly rate.

Create-A-Critter – Grades K-8th

Suggested Donation: $3.00 per student
Create your own unique animal in this craft activity! Designed to complement any of our lectures and presentations, students will use sculpting clay in order to design a new species and give it important adaptations for survival. Plus, they will have a great keepsake to bring home from their visit to the Wetlands!
Total time: 25 minutes

Making Tracks – Grades 3rd-8th

Suggested Donation: $3.00 per student
Make a memorable impression at the wetlands!  Students learn all about the types of tracks animals make at the wetlands and then make some of their own!  Kids will be able to bring home these plaster impressions of tracks from animals at the wetlands and show off their tracking skills.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Fish Prints – Grades K-5th

Suggested Donation: $3.00 per student
Get creative and learn about the marine food web! Students will learn about the different types of marine organisms living in the wetlands and how they are connected through the food web. Students will then bring out their artistic creativity by making paint prints of the fish predators and prey.

Total Time: 25 minutes


To schedule a visit, please contact Whitney Thompson:

Phone: 714.846.1114
Email: whitney@bolsachica.org

*Use the download link below for a complete PDF version of our programs:

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