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Wild Love Stories – 15 Million Years of Roshambo

Posted on: Feb 05, 2021 / News / 0 COMMENTS

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Wild Love Stories 

15 Million Years of Roshambo

By Jeannette Bush

Western Side-blotched Lizards take love triangles to a whole new level with a game of color-coded Rock-Paper-Scissors!
The players: western side-blotched lizards (Uta stansburiana elegans)
‘Rock’: Orange-throated male lizards
‘Paper’: Yellow-throated male lizards
‘Scissors’: Blue-throated male lizards

Photo by Paul Marto

The game:
The orange-throated male side-blotched lizards represent the ‘rock’ of this classic game with their aggressive attitude to defend their territories. These males will attempt to spread their genes by getting as many ladies into their territory as they can. ‘Paper’ beats ‘rock’ when the yellow-throated males get sneaky. The yellow-throated males can look similar to female side-blotched lizards and sneak their way into the orange-throated male territories and mate with their abundance of females. The blue-throated males (‘scissors’) will choose one female and defend only her in their territory. ‘Scissors’ beats ‘paper’ when the blue-throated males defending one female can easily keep yellow-throated males from sneaking in. Finally, ‘rock’ beats ‘scissors’ since the orange-throated males are more aggressive and easily keep blue-throated males away from their territory.
This complicated relationship results in all three strategies having approximately equal success. These western side-blotched lizards are the most commonly seen lizard along the trails of the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.
Western Side-blotched Lizards take love triangles to a whole new level with a game of color-coded Rock-Paper-Scissors!

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