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Wild Love Stories; Rattlesnakes: “A Tail Of Serpent Seduction”

Posted on: Feb 12, 2021 / News / 0 COMMENTS

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Wild Love Stories

A Tail of Serpent Seduction

By Kenny Perez

Rattlesnakes are perhaps the absolute last animal you’d think of when it comes to love. After all, any reptile known for its deadly venom and fear-inducing rattle must be the epitome of apathy and spite, right?

Photo by Carl Flint

Not so! Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes (Crotalus oreganus helleri) are actually quite social and passionate creatures. During spring, when their biological clocks start ticking again, the female rattlesnake will release pheromones into the air to signal to nearby males that she’s looking for love. With their incredibly powerful sense of smell, it doesn’t take long for any males in the area to come slithering. Here is where it gets interesting.

If two males are pursuing the same female, they will vie for dominance in a ritual often called the “combat dance.” During the combat dance, each male will raise up to a third of his body vertically off the ground in an attempt to intimidate their rival. If the rival doesn’t immediately back down, each male will twist around the other opponent and attempt to throw them to the ground.  This wrestling match will continue until one of the males backs down. Some combat dances have been documented lasting well over a half hour!

Once a victor has been declared, he will track down the female and begin courting her. In a display that might be otherwise seen as love or affection in other species, the male will court the female by rubbing her back with his chin and touching her with his tongue. Sssteamy!

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